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Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith
Procurement Director

As the leader of our procurement department Stuart is responsible for ensuring only the highest quality ingredients go into Ellison’s products. Stuart has lived in the Fort Wayne area all his life and began his career at Ellison as a wrapper operator. Stuart has moved up the ranks holding numerous jobs throughout his career including production planning and warehouse manager before taking up the position of head of our procurement team.

“I have fond memories of the bakery as a kid. The bakery use to be featured in parades and would hand out chocolate chip cookies to the kids who were watching it. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of those cookies and thought Ellison would be a fun place to work some day. It is!”

Our Greatest Strength: Our People. We work with cookies all day, what’s there not to like! All joking aside it’s about having coworkers around you that care about their job and want to see the company succeed. The team of people I work with are like my second family. Working with great people helps create a positive environment in which you feel appreciated for a job well done.

Our Greatest Opportunity: There is so much room for growth as Ellison continues to expand its reach into the market place creating more opportunities.

Favorite Baked Good: We make a premium chocolate chip cookie made with real butter, brown sugar, and high quality bourbon vanilla. That cookie is life changing especially when you put ice cream in the middle of two cookies. It’s the perfect summer treat!!

Favorite Food: Wow this is a tough one for I like about everything. If I had to live on a desert island with only one food choice, then I would have to say pizza. I get veggies, meat, dairy, and bread which helps check all my boxes. Now if we are talking my last meal, then it would be Alaskan king crab legs with a prime filet.

Hobbies: Cooking, racing, hanging out with the family, and going to sporting events.

Ultimate Vacation Destination: New Zealand