Standards & Quality

Quality Standards

We constantly seek to ensure the highest standards of quality in all of our products. To that end, we follow established Good Manufacturing Practices in all of our baking processes.

Compliance Standards

Ellison is very focused on adhering to all standards for quality assurance and personnel safety. We are in full compliance with all laws applicable to a food manufacturing facility.

To ensure we are able to continue our outstanding records for quality and safety compliance, we constantly train our people and we submit several times a year to random audits by several independent firms.

Ethical Standards

Ellison prides itself on being a good corporate citizen and an outstanding partner. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct throughout our business.

Quality Ingredients

Ellison begins by locating the finest ingredients available. After years of research, we’ve refined our roster of suppliers to include only those who have proven they can consistently provide the high-quality products we need.

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Working with suppliers is a hands-on process. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team visits all of the plants that supply us to make sure they follow the same high standards for quality that Ellison does. We conduct initial inspections before we place an order and we reinspect on a regular basis.

Of course, we don’t just rely on inspections to ensure quality. We also subject all ingredients delivered to a rigorous set of tests ranging from microbiological testing to standard sieve analysis. Ellison develops a set of specifications for each of the ingredients we use. All products delivered to our plant are tested and must be shown to meet these standards before they may be used to bake cookies.